Shred in Seven

The ultimate 7 week weight loss programme

Shred in Seven Weight Loss Transformations

Amazing results in just 7 weeks

Attention unsuccessful dieters, parents, busy individuals and anyone else who struggles to lose fat

This programme is for you and the best part – its basically FREE !

88% of people who have joined previous Shred in Sevens said they saved more money than the cost of joining simply due to making better choices around food and drink. So that’s right – you’re not only going to lose 14-21 pounds but you’re going to save money in the process!

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And be prepared to:

Lose Weight Rapidly
Become Healthier & Happier
Become Fitter & Stronger
Be Financially Better Off

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What’s Included?

Nutritional Support

  • We provide you with personalised nutritional targets on top of unlimited nutritional guidance.
  • We also provide you with so much education around nutrition that you’ll learn to maintain your fat loss after the Shred.
  • There will be example nutrition plans and recipe books to help with inspiration too


  • You will be provided with workouts in an easy yo user app based on the equipment you have access to – even if nothing at all.
  • You choose how many times you want to workout and whether you workout from home or at the gym
  • The effective workouts are designed to help you become fitter and stronger

Accountability & Support

  • You’ll be provided with daily, weekly and overall goals to hit during the Shred to make sure you are held accountable, and check in with your expert coach once a week to ensure you are on track.
  • There is a members community group which is incredibly motivating and is monitored by the coaches to help answer any questions.
  • There are live weekly educational calls and Q+A’s for extra help and support.

Competitions & Prizes

  • Each week during the Shred there are competitions and challenges to help keep both motivation and effort high.
  • The winners of the Shred in Seven will receive £1000 each (Best Male and Female)
  • The best social media effort will win a holiday for 2 people (location to be confirmed)
  • On top of these I’ll be giving away £8k worth of prizes along the way!

Here is what Libby and Gareth had to say about their Shred experience


What results can you genuinely expect to see based on previous Shred in Sevens?
  • The average weight loss is between 14-21 pounds (which is what the programme is designed to help you lose) but of course this is person dependant
  • Feeling both healthier and more Importantly happier
  • More confident both with and without clothes on
  • A much better knowledge around all things nutrition
  • Improved fitness and strength
  • Improved mindset
  • Better daily habits which lead to better quality of life
  • Feeling like a new person
Do you guarantee results?

Genuinely if you give me 75%+ effort on the programme you will see really positive results both on and off the scales. You won’t be and don’t need to be perfect.

How much weight should I expect to lose?

Everyone is different so I can’t give a definitive answer but the programme is designed to help people lose between 14-21 pounds in the 7 weeks. There are always a few who lose more than this and there are always a few who may lose less.

If I stick to the programme and do not see any results can I get my money back?


Do I need a gym membership?

No, you can workout with dumbbells at home or even no equipment at all. There are no set times or days to exercise – the flexibility of the programme is huge. You choose how many times you want to workout too so it fits around your schedule.

Can I sign up if I am vegetarian/vegan?

Yes we have had huge amounts of people who are both vegan and vegetarian.

What happens I get injured or sick?

We teach you how to cope with these situations and will advise you how to carry on seeing results (if thats what you want) – life happens and certain circumstances cannot be helped.

I'm away for a week during the Shred is it worth signing up?

You’re going to let 7 days stop you from seeing results for the other 42 days?!? We have had lots of participants go away during the Shred and still see amazing results. From experience the accountability of the programme actually helps with not going over the top while away.

Have you had anyone over the age of 50 on the Shred?

Yes! So many! Julie, 62, lost 8kg on the Shred that just finished!

Do you provide meal ideas?

We provide some example nutrition plans but the community group is full of like minded people sharing amazing meal ideas and recipes – its a fantastic community to be a part of.

Do you offer advice on what to do after the Shred to maintaining / carry on?

Yes there is a live call with myself going over absolutely everything to help you post Shred.

Will I actually save money?

Honestly, if you are cutting down on alcohol, take aways, mindless snacking and eating out, which most of the participants do, then yes 100%! A lot more than the cost of the programme too.

Why is Shred in Seven so cheap?

Whats the catch?

There is no catch! I appreciate the cost of living is through the roof and I would much rather make the programme really cheap and help more people!

So If you are ready to get in the best shape of your life, drop 14-21 pounds of fat in just 49 days for just £149 then click the button below

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If you sign up with a friend the price comes down to just £99 each!! Not a joke!! £99 for the entire 7 weeks!

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